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Ten years ago today yesterday was a day that would change my life forever: the second date with my lovely wife.  It was extremely romantic, with me going to her apartment that she shared with three roommates, VHS movie in hand.  I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of microwave popcorn.  The movie was that classic romance, Stargate.  While perhaps better remembered for aliens building the Egyptian pyramids, Stargate demonstrates the irrational acts people perform in the pursuit of love.  Of course, I have not yet had to teleport myself into a departing alien spacecraft to save my love while a nuclear bomb is set to go off, but there’s still time.  Living with Minnesotan winters seems irrational enough for now.

Why not count the first date, you ask?  We never really counted that one once we started officially dating.  Plus, I don’t remember the exact day so this works out a little better… 

And so, to my lovely wife, I say, “I love you.”  It has been a wonderful decade.  Ready to start the next one?