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Plugged In

I’ve been adding some plugins that are pretty handy. For example, I’m currently writing this post from my new phone, the Samsung Instinct, on a mobile browser friendly plugin. I’ll be sure to link the plugins I’m using later, since typing on a phone is something to minimize. I’ve also added a gallery plugin that looks nice. I just need to determine the best method of importing the pictures from the old gallery and how much space they will take up in the database.

Dawn of a New Day

What?  Activity at  After a whole year of nothing?

Yes, I’ve decided that if I’m paying money for the webspace, I better start using it.  I think one of the main obstacles has been the annoyance of manually updating files.  So I’ve caved and installed WordPress.  Eventually I’ll install a better gallery software than Showroom, since development on that has stopped.

Plan on seeing more updates in the near future, as the default theme of WordPress is not something I’m going to want to look at every day.