Some Things Never Change

Uh oh.  Almost a week and no posts and no new pictures uploaded.  Falling back into old habits already?  Not that anyone is going to believe me, but I do have plans to update the gallery and add more pictures.  Especially since a review this morning of our picture storage situation has revealed over 20 GBs of pictures with no backup system.  I believe my webhosting plan has more than enough room to store them all so now it is simply a matter of determining the best method for organizing the pictures.  My inclination is to keep it simple and store by date, such as in folders for each month.  Now that we have two children, it would be impractical to store the pictures by category.  So now I just need to find time to sort the pictures and then upload the entire collection.

I’ve found a few more plugins that I’ve installed:

The automatic upgrade plugin was especially handy since a new version of WordPress came out on Monday.  TinyMCE Advanced lets me forget about HTML although I still find myself checking the source to make sure that it’s working correctly.  The sitemap generator and the Super Cache seemed like good plugins to install.  It’s always good to play nice with the search engine sites and reduce the load the site generates on the web server.